The best wedding photographer in London: who to contact and why

altAny wedding needs a photo shoot to capture the memory of this significant event.

Beautiful and high-quality photos are the most important attribute of the event, so you should seek the services of professionals. In London, it's Alexei Wells Photography.

Main parameters of the service

Customers are primarily interested in shooting rates and what they can get for it. The photographer's website offers four service options:

  1. A small shoot, suitable for a modest ceremony. Its duration does not exceed three hours. The cost of an hour of photographer's work will cost 150 pounds, during this period up to 70 pictures are obtained.
  2. An order for half a day is five hours of master services at a price of 800 pounds sterling for the entire period. Usually the client receives up to 350 photos, sometimes more.
  3. The most popular tariff is full–time at 10 o'clock, when the customer receives 500-550 images. It costs 1,500 pounds.
  4. The luxury fare costs 2,000 pounds. Here services are provided for 12 hours, the number of images reaches 700. Additionally, a photo album is issued free of charge and an hour-long engagement shooting is carried out. Accelerated processing of 10 photos is also offered, the customer receives them within 48 hours.

In each version of the shooting, professional image processing is carried out, a personal gallery is created for downloading or sharing.

Process features

Alex prefers to establish contact with clients, to understand their character in order to evoke lively, direct emotions during filming. He proceeds in his work from specific people, does not force them to perform actions unusual for them, prefers naturalness and looseness.

Before starting work, a meeting is held to communicate and get to know each other better. During the conversation, the preferences of the couple and their wishes are clarified. They are then accurately embodied in the pictures.

Directly during the event, the photographer tries to be on the sidelines during official actions, taking pictures so as not to interfere with all participants, not to embarrass the getting married and guests.

During the holiday, he can take on the role of a manager, forming group and single compositions, creating a mood, causing genuine emotions.

Alexey is traveling all over London, ready to shoot festivities in various parts of the country. He conducts filming of traditional couples and weddings of representatives of the LGBTQ+ community.

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